How the Hiring Process Works

All Timely assistants have been carefully selected, interviewed and trained to get started helping you immediately

Book in a call with our team

Book in a call with our team and tell us what kind of help you are looking for? The more detailed you are the better, as we want to make sure we find the right fit for you and your business

Make a Payment

After the call, we will send you an invoice to make the payment so that our team can get to work immediately and find the top 3 most relevant freelancers for you to interview

Interview 3 Freelancers

Once we have found the 3 most suitable assistants for you, we will arrange a suitable time for you to interview them so that you can select the best candidate for the position

Hire your assistant

You will evaluate the candidate and pick the assistant who suits your needs best. You can also have a second interview if you want to get to know the possible candidates in more detail

Your First Month

Found your new staff member? Great and for the first month they will be working from the Timely Lab so we can help you build the relationship and offer any advice and training to your new assistant

Timely Lab Further Training

Want your assistant to be part of a community and receive weekly training to keep them improving? They can continue to work from the Timely Lab for an extra monthly fee

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Our Plans

Finding Assistants, hiring them and being part of our community

Recruitment Fee

£ 499
1 Freelancer
  • 3 Suitable Freelancers Found
  • Online Interviews Set Up
  • 1 Freelancer Hired
  • 1 Month Training at Timely Lab

Recruitment Fee

£ 799
2 Freelancers
  • 8 Suitable Freelancers Found
  • Online Interviews Set Up
  • 2 Freelancers Hired
  • 1 Month Training at Timely Lab

Work from Timely Lab

£ 99
Monthly Fee
  • Office Space for your Assistant
  • High Speed Internet
  • Weekly Training
  • Part of Freelance Community

Book in a call to get started