Frequently asked questions to help you hire your first outsourced assistant

How do I pay my PA?

You will have a direct relationship with your PA. At the end of each month, your PA will send you an invoice with the payment details and a couple of options on how you can complete the payment to them. It is usually via paypal or BACs. For the BACs payments we recommend using a program called Transferwise that is much faster and more cost-effective for you.

How much my PA will cost?

The price will differ depending on the type of PA you are looking for. At the moment, here are the advised rates: full-time data researcher (750 euros), full-time admin and marketing assistant (850 euros), Full time highly experienced assistant that can help you with content marketing and customer support (1000 euros). However, you can always negotiate the rates with your PA.

Are there any discounts?

If you are planning to hire more than one Lithuanian assistant for your company or need a bigger team to outsource your work to, we can apply a discount for your business depending on how many assistants you are planning to hire and how much training they are going to need. To discuss that in more detail, please book in a call with our team here.

How long does the process take?

The process is usually very quick and completed within a week as we’re constantly on the hunt for the best Lithuanian PAs that are being tested and getting trained. However, it sometimes might take a little bit longer if you need someone with very specific skills or experience. In that case, we will notify you in advance and let you know how long it is going to take.

Will I need to train my PA?

All Timely PAs are usually experienced and get initial training at the Timely Lab to make sure they have the basic skills needed for the job. You will have to spend a little bit of time on training the PA yourself in order to agree on the best ways to communicate, introduce them to your company and explain how you like to work to achieve the best results.

What happens if I don’t like the candidates you select for me?

In those rare instances when you are not happy with the selected candidates, we review your application again to make sure we have all the criteria right and find you 2 more assistants to choose from. It’s always in our best interest to find you the best match so that you come back for more assistants in the future and spread the word about TimelyPA

Is it possible for my PA to work at my preferred time zone?

Yes! All the assistants are located in Lithuania UTC+02:00 which works incredibly well for businesses based in Europe or the UK. However, if you are based in the US, we can find an assistant who could work in your timezone as well. You can always discuss the best working hours with your PA and they will be happy to work around you.

What is your policy regarding holidays?

Full-time assistants are entitled to a 14 day paid holiday a year and part-time assistants to a 7 day paid holiday excluding your country’s holidays. They will only be able to take the holidays after working with your company for at least 3 months. From our experience, giving your PA a holiday will make them feel valued, happy, loyal and motivated to help you at all times.

Where will be my PA located?

Your PA will be based in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania that has the fastest Wi-fi speed in Europe. They will be working from our office for the 1st month and we will help you to manage them. After that, they can work remotely or keep working from the Timely Lab for an extra monthly fee where they could keep learning and be part of the community.

Will my PA be working for other clients too?

You can discuss that with your PA very openly. If they are working full-time, they will only be concentrating on your company. However, if your assistant is working with you only part-time, they will probably be working with more clients as well. However, they should always inform you about it to make sure you can both manage your time well.

What sort of tasks can my PA do for me?

Timely PAs can help you with data research, admin, customer service, social media, marketing, booking travels and hotels or any other specific tasks that you would train them to do for you. Not sure about a specific task you need help with? Let’s have a call and we’ll see if we can find the right assistant for you to make sure they meet your needs.

What skills and experience my PA will have?

We will find the assistant that will have your required skills and they will also complete the Initial Timely Course where they will be trained on how to use different types of software and best communication techniques to make sure they can be a great asset to your company. Most PAs will have a university degree in fields like Business, Administration, Marketing or Languages.

How can I communicate with my PA?

We always give advice on the best way to communicate with your PA at the very start of the relationship. Your assistant will be trained on how to use Slack, Skype, appear.in and email. If there is any other software that you prefer to use for communication or setting the tasks, you will have to train your assistant on how to use it.

What happens if my PA is sick?

If your assistant is not feeling well or has any other type of emergency, they will let you know about it as early as possible. The PA will not be paid for their sick days and the wage should be counted pro-rata that month unless you agree with them that they can use their holiday days to cover for the days when they were sick and not working.

What is Timely LAB?

Timely LAB is our office based in Vilnius Old Town. All our team is based here and your PA will be working here for the first month as well to make sure they are well trained and ready for the role. After that, they can work remotely or keep working from the Timely Lab for an extra monthly fee and get continuous training and support from us.

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